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Dec 2, 2017
Hi everybody! I'm really interested to know my chances, so I can apply wisely.
I'm a senior (11th grade) in my country, alumna of US Department of State exchange program, last year I spent in the US.
My high school (s): My country - not competitive (GPA approximately - 10-11/12)
US - more competitive ( Accumulative GPA for one year - 4.286)
Class rank (in my country) - top 5%
SAT(1 sitting) - 1340, waiting for my second try scores
TOEFL - 112
Extra - curriculars:
Know 3 languages, learning French
Member of the Student Senate in my country
National Speech and Debate Association member, with state-level awards
US Dep. of State diploma for 150+ hours of volunteering
Officer of Key Club
Girl Scout
Student director in theatre producation
Workload: Took AP Politics, winner of state and city olympiads: English, Law, Biology,Geodraphy (in my country)
Created a UN club at US high school
Finished as top 10% student of my exchange organization
Volunteer as city represetative (of my exhange organization) for American Councils - organize monthly projects
Volunteer on constant basis
Most worried about my SAT
What are my chances for international affairs/political science:
-Columbia (dream university)
-Barnard College
-NYU Abu-Dhabi
-Univeristy of Chicago
-Boston College
-Brandeis University