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Will two C's hurt my chances
Hi Salaheidn - assuming these two courses are not related to your intended major it should not be a problem but of course it would be better to have a transcript without Cs. You should not be discouraged by this and definitely apply to the schools that you are interested in. You still have a very solid GPA (and if weighted GPA it is out of 5 it looks good too - a few schools now use 6 as a top weighted grade). It is important to maintain this GPA going into senior year and focus on some great activities in the next 12 months before the applications start!
Hi guys - I teach AP Calc in my school. In my experience, top colleges are not looking for people with perfect results but rather want to see people taking a wide range of AP classes. It is perfectly normal to do better in certain courses especially when you take so many AP/Honor classes. But it is really important to show good results in the area you plan to study in college as well as back it up with extracurricular activities.