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Hello fellow entrepreneurs!
I am faced with the need to raise additional funds for my organization (GenZVotes), and was struck with a glorious idea: ask the other smart brains on this platform! If you know of innovative ways (which I might not have thought of yet), please let me know!
Marek - do you know airbnb founders story? It is a great idea for you to raise money. See link below 6e62cf4c4c

I do agree with John you need to think who cares more about GenZ votes - suspect it will be democrats. You don't have to push anyones plans but convincing them to provide some funding for the cause like this would make a lot of sense
Unless you ask people to support a cause they care about raising money (without it being a financial investment) is tough task. So either you sell people something they really want or find people who truly care about new voters
There are so many funding campaigns started by HS students that I feel like you really need to be creative when it comes to raising substantial amount of $ and go beyond what parents can contribute. I like airbnb cereal boxes idea!