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Study abroad
Hi Jordyn - some thoughts on this

- it could be really helpful if you are learning a new language and/or planning to pursue a major related to your study abroad program i.e. if you are going to Japan and planning to do Asian Studies
- if this is a simple exchange program and you are not getting much out of it and not relevant to your current interests it will not add much value but it may still be a great experience and high school is a great time to do this
- do your research if you decide to go, check the school and current students, clubs etc - it may have a great reputation and could make a difference when applying to college (UWC is a good example)

Keep us posted if you do go and give us a shout if you have any more questions!
Hi! I am looking at a specific program called AMHSI. I would be in Israel for a semester, and on top of regular classes, I'd take a class on Jewish history. I do volunteer work with my temple so this may go in nicely. I am also interested in studying international relations and have expressed this in many activities I've already done.
Hi Jordyn - it seems like a great program (and we should probably add it to RoundPier)! If you are interested to pursue IR with the focus on Israel/ME studies it would definitely add value. Generally, high school is a great time to study abroad plus a good opportunity to evaluate your options to go to college in another country later on.