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I’m a junior and am taking BC this year. I took pre calc last year as a sophomore. So far, the material hasn’t been too bad. We’ve gone through limits, derivatives, optimization, and are starting integrals. What would you guys say the hardest topics of BC are and what is tested most on the AP test? We still have differential equations, applications of definite integrals, improper integrals, sequences, infinite series, and parametrics left.
Students usually consider topic "Infinite series" as a most challenging part of AP Calculus BC course. I personally love teaching this topic, it is a very conceptual and interesting part of the course. Some parametric curves area problems from AP Test could be not straight forward as well: it takes time and enough practice to master your skills in this area.
Agree! Integrals was the most interesting for me and easier to understand
Polar curves is one of the challenging topics as well