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Do I have a chance at these colleges? And I'm still not sure about which major to select
Hi Mustafa - we published this some time ago www.roundp... ns/view/17 (note the list may be slightly out of date and there are definitely a few more schools that should be there). It covers some basics on financing your US education.

There aren't many schools providing full financial aid for international undergraduate students and as you can imagine it is very competitive so having a back up plan in Turkey or elsewhere is important. From your list only Columbia has consistently provided significant amount of aid. NYU is particularly difficult on financial aid even for local students and UC Berkeley is a state school, unlikely to provide any support. MSU and TCNJ may provide some scholarships but again this will unlikely to cover even half of the tuition at these schools. There have been instances where schools provided one-off assistance to exceptional international applicants but we are unable to track these. For example, to substitute TCNJ you can look at Stevens Institute of Technology which we understand have provided financial aid/scholarships to foreign students recently. UC Berkeley should probably be replaced with Stanford as at least they provide financial aid to foreigners.

Have a look at the list and we can provide more feedback on that! And you can add those extracurriculars in your profile (Other Experience even include the examples of your work).
Hello, thanks for the reply.

Even if I dont get a full financial aid, is it possible that I cover the rest of the tuition with loans?

And I'll look into alternative colleges you mentioned, thanks!
In most of the cases you would need US co-signer for the loan but you really need to look at this on case by case basis and depending on the school they may be able to provide additional support