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Ahmed Nour
Ahmed Nour
Do I have a Chance at these colleges, if so how high/low are they?
:UCLA, UCSD, UCB, UCSB, UC Davis, UCI and Cal Poly Slo.

In the top 9% of my class according to UC application when I submitted it.
SAT:1410 RW:630 M:780
subject tests: Bio/E: 700 Math 2: 630
Major: Biology/Microbiology
Alt. Major: Cognitive Science or Environmental Science
Black and low income.
UC Capped and Weighted GPA: 4.04
UC Unweighted: 3.73
Weighted: 4.27
Cal Poly SLO GPA: 3.95
P.S. My school is one of the partner schools of Cal Poly

-I interned at a health clinic in Sudan over the summer.
-Cocaptain of Speech and debate team. (Won many awards in this activity).
-Vice-president of Youth Faction of non-profit organization called SANC -VP of Muslim Association club at my school.
-Secretary of Aeronautics club at my school.
-Did wrestling for my freshmen yr.
-did track and field from 10-12 grade. and finaled at MVAL championships.