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I would recommend going all out for your classes, especially the ones where you're trying to get a recommendation from. For my case, I tend to go above and beyond for physics and AP Lang. I read the assigned reading and look up more info online, I volunteer for her when ever possible, as well as going out of my way to lead discussions and Socratic seminars. As for physics, I have completed every extra credit assignment, have volunteered too, and I go out of my way to participate. It's pretty important to start off the year strong with teachers, as the year tends to get harder. Good luck!
6 months ago
@Jason this is a good point and the reason why we encourage members to build RoundPier communities/groups within their schools to make sure younger students can see what upperclassmen are up to thru their profiles and get insights/advice directly from them (and this should go beyond college advice...)
6 months ago
One of the problems I have is no matter how hard I try a couple of teachers just don't care even though I like the subjects
4 months ago
This is great advice thanks!