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Hi! I am looking for clubs, activities and volunteer programs to get involved either during the school year or summer in Illinois. I am located about a half hour out of the city. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what I could get involved in. I am also open to online programs. Thanks!
Depends on what you're interested in... for example if you're in finance you could do a HBX (Harvard Business School) online course that offers certificates (and college credit, if you pay) in accounting, economics for business, scaling, entrepreneurship, etc., and look into shadowing various banks/hedge funds near Chicago (which I presume is "the city" in Illinois you are referring to) for a week or asking even for a summer internship. If you're interested in social justice/advocacy, lots of non-profit groups/food banks/NGOs in the area as well.

In short, find out first what you're interested in to narrow down what areas to look at. Second take full advantage of your geographical proximity to a city. It's easy to take for granted!