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Hey everyone! My name is Annika Agarwal and I am the founder of The N.A.I.N.A. Foundation. Our mission is to provide underprivileged people around the world access to medical care, something that is oftentimes considered a luxury to them. So far, we have raised nearly 1,000 eyeglasses, as well as other donations such as blood pressure machines. With that, we have partnered with the LIONS Club of Mumbai, and reached over 10,000 people with health clinics that we have set up in the area. Additionally, we have organized health seminars to raise awareness about the lack of medical attention in third world countries. One of the main aspects of our foundation is dance. We dance at events in the New Jersey area to provide those in need with surgeries. So far, we have raised over $15,000 dollars and provided nearly 100 surgeries. However, we believe that there are so many more people out there that can help us out. Therefore, if you would like to start a chapter in your school, please dm me! Also, you do not necessarily need to be a dancer. We have so many other opportunities in mind!