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My name is Johnson Jin and I am a 2021 student. I am the president and founder of an organization called the Global Youth Coalition where we believe that the youth generation is responsible with helping unprivileged communities in predominantly the education field. Over the past year, we have expanded across the US with several international chapters as well located in Turkey, Pakistan, and China. By having each chapter help with their local region, it will create a large impact to the world that we are all connected to through a network in of our organization. In my local chapter for example, we do biweekly reading buddies in an under privileged communities as well as we are working on a bookshelf to distribute to a facility such as Boys and Girls club. I am also flying out to Seattle in March as an invitational speaker at a conference. With this being said, I am not trying to boast any accomplishments, but trying to convey that GYC has a bright future ahead and we are welcome to any new members. As we are looking for means of expansion, if you are interested in starting a chapter in your school or want any details feel free to message me!

As a new member what would i be doing?