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Hi everyone! My name is Georgia and I come from Greece. I am very happy to have joined RoundPier,thus been given the chance to share my experience, broaden my interests and meet new people. I am currently lpoking for distance learning programs or remote work opportunities. I am particularly interested in Architecture but I would also love any STEM or Art- oriented activity. Thank you!
Hi Georgia - if you are looking for an online learning options we suggest to check out Udemy or Coursera - they will have plenty of opportunities across a number of different fields of study including Architecture. In the US, the are a few summer architecture programs for high school students. In terms of other opportunities, see Eduniverse for more information on various programs.

RP Team
There aren't many programs in continental europe but in the UK there are a few great summer courses you can take
Hi, my name is Serena and I'm the founder/president of an arts-based global community service initiative. We have remote volunteer opportunities in the arts (visual art, music, theater, and dance), journalism, CS/technology, finance, management, medicine, marketing, research, neuroscience, and technology. We'd love to have you on board!

To learn more, you can go to our website ( or read this packet: docs.googl... sp=sharing