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Is there a chance for me to get admitted at any of these universities?
Dawid - it is entirely up to you which schools to apply - all we can do is provide some guidance based on our own research and ideas. We presume you are applying next year - if so you should choose schools you really want to attend the most and apply early decision / early action. Regarding the grades, unfortunately US colleges usually look at your grades over the last three years (unlike some countries where only last year counts) but they do like to see improvement in grades over your high school career and you should definitely find a place in your application to explain how your senior year grades improved to get you to the top of the class.
One more question: I'm attending a school which we call Technikum in Poland. It's a school that is supposed to prepare you for work in your field. My school is an IT school, and I'm wondering if it's something that I should write in my application. Also, should I ask my teachers from IT to write recommendations? If so, will they be considered as recommendation from science teacher or what? I had 16 hours of different IT lessons per week, which translates to a bit less than half of my classes.
Normally for the US colleges it is good to have one recommendation from math/science teacher and one from humanities but it is not a rule. It really depends on your relationship with teachers and how well you perform in their classes. Regarding the school, our suggestion would be to describe it as you showed it in your profile here - you can add a note saying that the school is a specialized school with the focus on Technology. Feel free to create a new discussion on this topic so others can see and comment here.