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Hey everyone! During my freshman year of high school, I wasn't interested in computer science whatsoever. Then, I decided to take AP Computer Science Honors over the summer, and am currently taking AP Computer Science Principles as a sophomore. I'm now leaning more towards computer science (or something else involving cs in the STEM field) for my major in university. One of my New Years resolution is to be knowledgeable in a few languages, but I simply don't know where to start. I don't know what topic I want to go into (web/app/game development, etc) and I've already read countless of articles on what programming language to start in, but I'm still lost. It would be great if anyone could give me insight on this. Also, if anyone knows any free websites/courses or good books that I can learn programming on with, please link them down below! Thank you! :)
1 year ago
Hi, I am self taught android developer, even though I was in University for two years before I quit, I count my self as self taught learner because mostly I got my knowledge from internet.

Yeah, you are right the hardest part of becoming self taught learner is finding the right path to study, which one should I learn first then whats next to learn, I was lost for many times just like you, sometimes I want to give up because i just do the wrong path I jumped too early to the advanced programming without getting the basic first, so I have too learn the basic and the studying the advanced topic again which is totally waste my time, so here I want to share my experience that I thought it's good path:

1. The first ever is trying to love what you are gonna learn, you can watch youtube video about the cool things about programming.

2. learn about basic programming languages at I recommend to learn Python/Java first. In the middle of learning those language you might be struggle with some concept of the programming, like OOP(Object Oriented Programming), for the additional explanation about specific topic you can watch youtube videos, or just googling for article(Googling is the Essential skill for programmer).

3. After you can write a program you can improve your logic, algorithm, data structure skill at or codewars,com

4. It's time to build real app, you can take online course at or or other sites, there are plenty of it. I was take some free and nanodegree program at udacity and the nanodegree one is amazing.

That's all that I can share the basic path to be a programmer, It's need a time to be a good programmer, don't expect it's need a little time to be a good programmer.
1 year ago
@Aditiya really good summary!

@Justina There are some good links below in this group that are also helpful but you need to decide what you would like to focus on first.