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Hello! I’m a sophomore in high school with a question about sports for college. I hope to be accepted into a low acceptance rate college (UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, etc etc). I understand that colleges like that enjoy seeing students participate in school sports. Unfortunately for me, I have an eye condition that has caused severe retinal tension and my ophthalmologist has prohibited me from playing in any sort of contact sport(killed my tennis dreams). I’m no swimmer or runner (I do intend to get into an out of school marksmanship program). If I include this information in my personal statement/application, will they give me some leeway?
It doesn't matter if you dont play any sports for top colleges
Agree with above. Unless you are a recruited athlete there is no reason to worry about sport participation
Many people have this idea that sports are very important while in fact it appears that quite a few students have never done any sports and still ended up at great colleges