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For those in Europe what extracurriculars are you involved in? I understand there are lots of opportunities for students in the US but am struggling to find new things in England or elsewhere in Europe.
I have met a few people who are doing very interesting things in Europe and even here on RoundPier there are plenty of examples
If you’re interested you could definitely start a chapter for a nonprofit. It’s a great way to show initiative. Message me if you’d like to talk further!
I'm German, and I'm involved in a few things, especially leaning towards the major that I am interested in. I have been an active member of a German political party for the past 4 years now. There I have assumed leadership positions and organised fundraisers and other events. At school, I founded MUN and Debating clubs, the Debating club being successful on a national level. I have a few more things worth mentioning, message me if you'd like to know more.