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I wanna get admission in Boston University but I can't understand this GPA system and number of years etc.Ive 95%score in 10 class and 92%in 12.My SAT scores are 1160.Please guide me how to get into the med school of BOSTON University
The gpa part you dont have to worry about, they will convert it to a ay they can understand. Try taking more sat or acts, your school must be higher.
I'm from an under developed/remote area Won't it give any benefit?
It will be taken into consideration but once again BU isn't ideal for the international students given limited amount of financial aid they offer and while they will not compare you to the applicant from the US your SAT score will be an issue to them. You should re-work you college list to focus on universities where you have a better chance of admission and the ones that offer significant financial aid to international students.