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Hello everyone! We are still taking in more people to create chapters beyond Arizona! Below is the original message:

My name is Nikita Bharati and I'm a sophomore from Arizona. I'm the President/co-founder of Girl STEMpowerment, a group that works to mitigate the gender gap in STEM fields, by teaching local STEM-based workshops to girls in grades 3-8. Locally, we have had a lot of success in our workshops, which we have held at various venues such as elementary schools, libraries, 4-H groups, etc. We also established a partnership with a group in California called "All Girls Math Tournament" to hold the very first one here in Arizona. We anticipate there to be about a 150 girls to attend. Another cool project we are starting to work on is a partnership with an organization called CHOICE Humanitarian. What our project focuses on is building schools and giving education to girls in Kenya through fundraisers, and traveling to Kenya to help build them. Our group feels that we are at a stage where is appropriate to scale up beyond the state of Arizona, so we are looking for potential candidates to establish Girl STEMpowerment chapters in their state! If you're interested, please private message me to talk further about this. Thank you!