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Hey everybody! My name is Johnson Jin and am currently located here in Dallas. Almost a year ago, I founded a non-profit organization called Global Youth Coalition that is focused on the principles of education. Our mission is to help underprivileged communities, domestically and globally, with an emphasis on education. At GYC we believe education opens doorways to greater things and that it is our responsibility and purpose to help educate others. Global Youth Coalition is separated into smaller groups, or chapters, that allow us to have multiple points of influence not just throughout the United States, but in countries across the globe. Each individual chapter provides educational opportunities to a multitude of different communities that ultimately delivers a larger impact on a world-wide level. We have chapters that span from Pakistan, Turkey, China, California, and more. As we are always seeking for expansion, I would be happy to answer any questions and possible chapter start-ups at your location! Thank you for taking the time for reading this and feel free to shoot me a message!