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So I have worked at a convenience store near my house for about 4 months now and my question is :Should I put this on my application form . I have this question because one friend of mine told me that these activities were not impressive and colleges didn't really care much about them . So what do you guys think about having a part-time job ?
Your job isn't to impress admission officer. You need to create a profile of all your activities and commitments to make sure they understand what you are spending your time on. Working in a grocery store is a part of your profile.
Agree with John. If this is something that takes up a lot of your time you have to include it. In fact, many admission officers like to see regular jobs on students resumes. What's really impressive if you have a job like this, do well in school and also participate in a bunch of interesting projects.
Part time jobs are big part of ECs and many AOs do care about it...