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Hey everyone, I'm an international junior in HS interested in Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering.

So basically in my country you only get to choose classes in your senior year. I have two choices (in addition to taking basic classes like math, english etc):

(1) take biology, chemistry and physics

(2) take chemistry, physics, psychology and advanced math (in addition to regular math)

The problem is that advanced math has more "credits" so it can possibly raise our GPAs more (we're not so sure about this for the moment), but if I choose advanced math I can't take biology. I'd also have to take psychology (which I really don't want to take next year).

What do you think I should do, taking college applications into consideration?
3 weeks ago
Take biology. If you want to go into the biomedical/bioengineering field, then taking classes relevant to that is more important because it expresses your interest in that field. Taking the other classes doesn't express interest, so any statements made about pursuing a career in the field of biology will have no ground.
3 weeks ago
biology and physics usually very important for BM majors
3 weeks ago
Try taking SAT Subject tests which are the key for top schools especially math and biology in for your major