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Hello everyone! I'm Sabrina, and I would like to present an opportunity for high school students for this summer.

I am the lead director of Funance, a website that features comics and illustrations regarding personal finance. The website is geared towards youth, and we are in the midst of planning free summer programs. While the website has been published since late 2018, our team only has three people. Therefore, we are opening up Funance to anyone interested.

There are several positions available. The link to learn more about our positions and our organization is www.tinyur... /funance19

The link to apply is www.tinyur... unanceform

I strongly encourage everyone to apply, especially if interested in designing, writing, and sharing personal finance knowledge.

We review applications on a rolling basis. Our official deadline is the very end of June. Good luck!
Great initiative Sabrina! You should also post the jobs - go to "Post a Job" in "More" (web version only) and include description of the roles etc to make sure it reaches more people who aren't part of this group
If you are unable to access the document listing the positions, please use this link: docs.googl... f8X-70/pub