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I see that a lot of you people are in age group of 14 - 17 years. Having participated in Google Summer of Code program, I think a lot of you might be interested in something called Google Code-In

codein.wit... m/archive/

It is meant for exposing 13 - 17 year old students to the world of open source. In case you are hearing Open Source for the first time, it simply refers to the code of a particular software or library being publicly available to view and edit. In case you are using Firefox, it is open source as well !

Many powerful softwares are open source, since a large community of interested contributors all over the globe play a role in designing it.

The feeling of having successfully contributed to an Open Source library is quite unparalleled. For example, last year I contributed to CERN's ROOT library ( e852cc28).

You can do it too ! Get started by applying to Google Code In and begin your awesome journey into the world of Open Source.
Arif, thanks so much for your advice!
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Hi Mr.Islam,
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