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Hi all! My name is Catharine Li, and I am a high school student from Austin, TX! I currently serve as the Outreach Coordinator for a completely student led organization called Meddling Kids Movement. (www.meddli...

Meddling Kids Movement is a digital space on the internet striving to promote and encourage youth activism from around the world. Activists from ages 8-19 are given a chance to talk about their work concerning critical issues such as gun law reform, climate change, gender equality, and much more.

We also provide the necessary resources for any student who is looking to get involved in the youth activism scene, and contribute towards a more informed and aware social scene!

As of right now, we are currently looking for students to join our Outreach Team! Our organization wide goal is to seek out and increase youth involvement, specifically from those in underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Students who join this team will be in charge of connecting with youth from all around the world.

Please contact me via email at if you're interested, and thank you so much for your time!

Click on this link to apply: docs.googl... =send_form

be sure to click the "Outreach Team" option!

Thank you so much again!