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Hey guys,

I'm Archit, Founder and CEO of Junior Coding League. Junior Coding League has two goals:

1. Educate Students about programming from a younger age
2. Teach students about programming along-side with entrepreneurship

We run programs at local community centers(such as libraries) and each of our 8-week-long programs end with students creating solutions for problems that their local community faces. Students have built everything from free "unblocked at school" gaming sites to calendars for community members to organize their schedules.

We're also registered to provide mentors with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award(PVSA), so your hours will count towards it!

Currently we have chapters in New York, New Jersey, India, Nigeria, etc., and in West Windsor, NJ alone, we've educated over 100 students. Despite only having starting a couple of months ago, we also have several partners we work together with in order to educate as many children as possible.

The reason I'm posting today is because we're planning on expanding our network of chapters throughout both the United States as well as other nations.

If you're interested in founding a chapter(and being featured on our website as president of the chapter), fill out this form: fKncZpjoR7

If you want to know more about us, DM me or check out our site:
I am from India and I like your idea, just had a doubt will we get any letter of recommendation if we found a chapter? I have already filed out the form as I am interested
You won't get a letter of recommendation, but you will be featured on our site as one of the founders of a chapter.
Suggest that you also post on the Recruiting for NGOs group