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Hello, my name is Serena Ding and I am a junior high school student in NYC. I am currently leading a global service project (called United Under Art) to help underprivileged children and elderly through art.

Our primary activities for the elderly (especially those with dementia) involve donating cards, arranging benefit concerts, collecting old devices and creating customized playlists. For underprivileged children, we are arranging music/art workshops to get them interested in and explore the arts and donating art supplies. Most of our events are in NYC but we are hoping to help others set up and lead events/donation drives in their own communities.

I am looking to expand my volunteer network. I have people from all around the world, such as from NYC, Virginia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Canada, and Ireland. You can volunteer your time in marketing, events organization, donations, and/or technology divisions. Our group has a wide variety of interests and intended majors, from CS to music to business. We also offer a program for people to become local leaders (ambassadors) for those that need leadership opportunities.

If you’re interested, please join our discord:

Here is our website (still in design, but should be up around this weekend):

Here is a welcome packet explaining further: docs.googl... sp=sharing