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For those who are planning to pursue statistics as a major in college this is one of the most interesting project competitions to get involved in - sponsored by American Statistical Association

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Trying to find meaningful opportunities during this stay-at-home-period?

Consider starting a chapter with Elevate & Educate!

My name is Shrey, I’m a 16 year old rising 11th Grader. I’m the Co-founder and Co-President of Elevate & Educate (we are currently getting registered as a 501c3 Nonprofit). A group of friends and I started this organization only 2 months ago, in April 2020. Our organization educates children in grades PreK to 8 about STEAM-related topics. We have our very own curriculums, programs, endorsements, competitions, and much more. We have had so much popularity in our area (Downingtown, PA) that we expanded and started a new chapter in San Francisco, CA! We have taught over 300 children so far, and that number is likely to reach 1000 by the end of December as we start up more chapters around the world.

We are getting lots of interest from parents, and we believe that we can impact more people by starting up chapters all over the world.

We have made a chapter startup kit which will give you everything you need to know about how to start up a chapter! It’s simple, easy, fun, and rewarding! Creating a chapter with us will allow you to join our worldwide executive team, which will definitely stand out on a resume. Please let me know if you’re interested in starting up a chapter. You can DM me here, text my number: 4844014264, or DM my Instagram: @shreyd1

We are a credible organization! We have received endorsements from a total of 7 local businesses, and two School Districts (over 15 schools)! If you’d like to learn more about us before starting up a chapter, please visit our Instagram and Facebook @elevate.educate, and our website