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Hey everyone! For anyone interested in joining a programming project, I am leading an open source project called Ano.js, which is a web animation library that can be integrated into websites with just two lines of code! The goal is to allow users to have web animations without coding at all. Even tools like Mo.js and Anime.js (which are amazing) require coding. The website is

Open source contributors create their own web animations and upload them to the Ano.js database, where it will be displayed on our website. It will be labeled that you created the animation, and you will receive credit for it. You can add this as an experience to your LinkedIn, a project to your portfolio, or add it to your resume! Everything you do as a contributor is on your own time. No deadlines, no requirements, no prior knowledge required.

I am looking for more open source contributors to join us, so if you're interested, please visit and enter your email and GitHub username, and you will automatically be invited to our Slack workspace and added as a collaborator to our GitHub repository. Please email me at for more questions!
Hi Calix, sounds like you could benefit from joining RoundPier's Student Coalition (RSC)