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Hey everyone,

My name is Pratham Hombal and I am the co-founder of The Ecolibrium Project, a student-led nonprofit established in 2018 dedicated to increasing student involvement in the fight against climate change. We believe that climate change could be fought on the community level and that students can lead the way. We are looking for students to establish club chapters at their school. We currently have 5 schools with successful chapters (reaching 200+ students) in the United States.

These chapters are very involved in student awareness at their school and host fundraisers, recycling competitions, and awareness campaigns to help spread awareness about the cause. We are looking for hardworking, creative, and intelligent leaders who are willing to take initiative in starting a chapter of their own. This is a great EC for those who are interested in showing colleges an interest in the science field. If you are interested please fill out the form below.

Also, make sure to check out our website, Facebook, and Instagram, sign up for our monthly newsletter, and listen to our podcast (coming soon)! YKv1N7NW39

Facebook: The Ecolibrium Project
Instagram: @ecolibriumproject