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Hi All! I'm Andy Xu from Kent School. Last year, after going to Paideia and Stanford Summer Humanity Institute, my friends and I created an online humanities journal called HOPE:

We published our first issue yesterday and in fact, we are world-wide, student-run, and non-profit. Most importantly, we publish academic papers, editorials, art, and literature, basically any kinds related to humanities.

We hope to gain support from you all. If you are interested to become a student representative for a school to collect submission, you could email

If you want to submit, you could visit our website submission page to take a look. Thank you all for your support! We currently have more than 40 schools affiliated around the world!
This sounds awesome - humanities competitions and research journals like MIT Inspire have shut down long ago. Who are your journal's reviewers?
So our reviewing process consists two parts: editors and college reviewers. The editors team consist of high school students who have been to high-quality humanities camps or are going to these camps. The reviewers are those who won awards in specific areas. For example, four of our college reviewers published their papers on Concord Review; another of our review won Columbia Golden Circle last year. If you are interested, you can send an email to