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Hi, everyone! Hope you all are staying safe :)

I'm Mia, and my NPO Lyrica By Girls is looking for passionate and driven individuals to help educate Central Asian girls!

Lyrica By Girls was founded to promote girls' education in Central Asia, the countries usually forgotten by most initiatives. Giving these girls an education equates to giving them and their communities boundless potential for the future. We do our part by supplying a shortage: English conversation tutoring.

We have seen the incredible results of teaching English fluency to girls. Learning the lingua franca of the world opens up so many doors of opportunity, and has the power to break cyclic poverty and empower the girls left behind.

We believe every girl deserves the right to a quality education and to uplift her community.

In the era of prosperity and technology, no girl should be left behind. We're starting at English tutoring, but we're not stopping until every girl in Central Asia can access a quality education, because geography shouldn't be a barrier to their future.

If our mission resonates with you, feel free to apply at docs.googl... sp=sf_link
Hey, how do you apply?
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just click on the link and fill out the form! :)
I don't see a link, maybe you've forgotten to post it?