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Hi there, is anyone maybe an international student studying in the US right now?
There are mostly high school students here. What's your question?
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Well I’m a student from Poland and next year it’s time for me to go to college. I’ve spent the whole day reading about the US education system and how the applications work. I found out a lot of stuff about how does the degree process works and application. However my plans and dreams went down when I found out that only 7 colleges in US are need-blind for international students. What’s more is that these are mostly the best colleges out there. I was wondering if anyone here applied from a different country and was he able to get financial aid or loans or scholarships... right now I feel super depressed because I’m not a top student to go to Harvard and I’m not rich enough to pay full tuition...
Jakub Markowski, First don't focus on need blind colleges only. We have seen plenty of international students here who have successfully applied to colleges in the US with full or near full financial aid (including some top 10 schools but also just some good colleges outside of top 50). Having said that it is not a guarantee and you should not really count on that. You should have a good list of universities in your home country or elsewhere and consider US application process as a lottery. Now, there are plenty of colleges that are happy to accept international students - the issue is the cost. I would start with this list www.roundp... l-students which covers over 60 most generous colleges for international students. This is also a good post that our team put out some time ago www.roundp... ncial-aid. You need to build a balanced college list. I would also suggest to do EFC calculation based on your family finances which will give you an idea what you may be expected to pay. If you are willing to pay part of the tuition your chances are also going to be higher.
Greg Zavorotniy, hey man, thanks for the links and advices. I’ll read them as soon as I wake up. After reading your reply your brought hope back to me, because I’ve been literally upset the whole day thinking I only have a chance at the 7 colleges. I really appreciate your help, thank you !
Jakub Markowski, I would still keep your exceptions definitely have to be looking at more than 7 colleges but getting in and receiving full or close to full financial aid is difficult. Feel free to send me a direct message if you have more questions. We had this Columbia student who posted a number of great articles for international students www.roundp... t.dovranov - you should check them out.
This is some good advice above! I recommend finding colleges that are good fit for you first. Don't worry about rankings just figure out what you want to study and do your own research. Don't waste time applying to colleges that never provided any financial aid or merit aid for international students.
I am planning too. Agree with comment above...