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Hi, I am on an accelerated math track at my school so I took Geo-Trig honors in 8th grade and signed up to take the AlgebraII/Precalc (H) in 9th grade. This puts me on the track for AP Calc Ab in 10th and AP Calc BC in 11th. I can take MVCalc etc starting 11th.

GeoTrig this year was hard. I will end up with a A- or so (my parents had to help me some). My parents are really encouraging me to step back and take Algebra II advanced in 9th so that I can take Precalc in 10th, AP Calc AB in 11th and so on. They think my current plan is too stressful and I am likely to do better in terms of GPA in the medium difficult track. Not sure yet, but my interests are most likely going to be bio related. Would you kindly give me some feedback? Thanks!
As a calculus teacher I will support your parents idea - you still will have AP credit for Calc AB for your college applications, and you will be able to take BC in your senior year. You probably have some other AP classes as well - so do not overwhelm yourself with all mathematics courses.
Ann - agree with the comment above. If you are interested in bio you should focus on bio related classes, extracurriculars etc to make sure you are doing something that you actually enjoy and will likely pursue in college...