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Greetings to all,

Eleven months after the inception of prepIGCSE (check the website out, we are proud to report that it has benefited 9000+ users from across 120+ countries and all habitable continents. Our original venture started out as an effort to give back to the community and allow everyone to tap their potential. And now, to further move towards our goal we are continuing to accept people to join this organization by either marketing this to other IGCSE students, contributing to our resources, or working on expanding this venture in general so that more people can benefit from this. To become a part of prepIGCSE, kindly apply at dPQB758mF9

Furthermore, we are also opening applications for the executive team and chapters (regional clubs) of test prep International (an International NPO that has helped over 300 students and has chapters in 3 continents). If you join as an executive team member, you will join either the design, marketing, or communications team and if you join as the Chapter President your efforts would involve getting tutors (students who have done well in the exam) teaching groups of students/future test-takers in your school/region virtually/physically for whichever curriculum (IGCSE/SAT/ACT/AP/etc) your team is comfortable with. Last year, we handled it entirely, but now to increase the impact, we are allowing schools worldwide to be a part of this movement to make a change for the better.

There will be several benefits one would receive.
1) A position (director, executive) in a reputable organization that will strengthen your college application. Furthermore, if one works diligently they would also be promoted and slowly be the successors of this.
2) CAS/ Volunteer Service Hours along with certification
3) Access to a global network of like-minded students willing to make a change

So, If you too wish to give back to this community and make a difference to future test takers, kindly collaborate with us and join hands in achieving our vision.

testprep International's Executive Team Application Form: GJpFSXD7o7
testprep International's Chapter President Application Form: LZTyXFCvu5
testprep International's Official Discord Link (it was made few days ago, so people are still joining):

Does the test prep also include APs?
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As of now, we do not offer AP. But, if we get a few tutors willing to teach the AP curriculum, we will add it to our current set of services. Feel free to ask more questions!