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Hi there, I am an American citizen but am currently residing in India (outside the USA). So will I be considered a Domestic Applicant or International? Also, on what basis will my grades be evaluated? Will I have any advantage or disadvantage over an average International or domestic applicant? Thanks in advance.
You will be treated as a domestic applicant but reviewed with international together. At least this is how i understand the process. You can apply for domestic finaid etc
The answer above is correct. You are applying as a domestic student who is based outside of the US. Your grades will be evaluated on the basis of your school's grading policy and other exams you take. Your biggest advantage as an applicant would be financial aid qualification - many colleges only provide finaid to domestic students and even those who provide to both are usually more generous to US citizens. I would still recommend to take as many AP classes and SAT subject tests as these would make admission officers more comfortable with your academic standing assuming your schools doesn't have IB curriculum which is recognized by colleges in the US and internationally.