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Hi, I am an international student currently residing in Egypt. I was wandering if someone can recommend me the best colleges that provide significant financial aid for international students and has average requirements. Thank you!
Depends on the amount of finaid you need. This year I suspect many colleges will be keen to have more students who are willing to pay something. For example, something like Union College which provides decent finaid and merit scholarships to intl students could be a good option. If you are willing to contribute more than $7,500 a year it can work and it's a decent school too. I think I actually saw someone here who got into Union so def one of the options.
From what i understand you really need to try and apply to as many as possible as luck plays an important role...
Some good advice here! @Eyad Aoun feel free to message me if you have any additional questions. We have seen a number of international students here and always happy to help!