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I am presently a National Ambassador for a non-profit called Project HEAL, but, alas, I was hoping to forge a group which is more intimately familiar with dilemmas - political, philosophical, or otherwise - confront teens in the present day, namely among them those which regard eating disorders. As someone who has suffered from anorexia for six years, I know that the single most rigorous pain derives from a sense of solitude. To hoist others up out of these bowels of isolation, I am presently in the midst of attaining a 501(c)(3) certification (pending). If you would care to be amongst the founding staff (writers, website design, marketers), then please feel free to fill out the application below. I hope to hear from you soon and hope that you are faring well despite the Malthusian havoc! This extends to high schoolers and undergraduate students alike from any walk of life.

We are especially in need of web developers and graphic designers right now, but we are open to just about anyone! Please try to sign up as soon as possible!