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I am a research student in the computer science department at the University of California, San Diego. I am conducting a research program for students in grades 9-12 that are interested in computer science.

The research project is focusing on the skills that students have acquired through past AP and Dual enrollment classes. Students will be given support to take those skills and translate them into skills needed to understand computer science.

The research program will consist of two phases. The first phase will consist of students learning more about computer science. They will be given resources to learn the basic components of computer science and how to apply computer science to their potential careers. In the second phase, the participants will be given the opportunity to start creating their own projects relating to computer science.

The program will be a total of 6 weeks and will start the week of June 22nd and end July 31st. Participants must be able to meet every Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour and a half. I will work with students on a time that works with everyone. Participants must be able to devote about 5-10 hours per week to meeting, assignments, and working on their individual projects.

If you are interested please fill out this form: docs.googl... w/viewform
hello! when will acceptance/rejection letters be sent out?