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Is it worth going to the US for undergraduate studies as an international student?
Hi Rushil - our general response would be to stay home if you are accepted into a top school in your home country and come to the US for grad school especially if undergrad cost is prohibitive. However, UCSD is a great school and location is perfect if you want to find a job at one of the tech companies. It seems that your option back home isn't particularly great so by passing UCSD opportunity you are stuck at Tier 2/3 university in your home country (which would make getting into top grad relatively difficult as well). Depending on your financial position, we would suggest to go to UCSD. Don't worry about job situation for international students - lots of things can change in 4 years and engineers are always in demand around the world - being in the US will open up more opportunities after graduation even in India.
Great school for engineering so if money is not an issue go for it!