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Hey guys! I'm Paakhi Maheshwari, the founder at An Insipid Board of Ideas, and we're recruiting!
An Insipid Board of Ideas is a blog led by passionate teens. We aim to break social stereotypes through the power of fictional storytelling. We are established in India, although we hope to get a team of teenagers from every corner of the world!
'Awareness is bliss.'
This is our motto. Centuries have passed, and people have always found comfort in Ignorance. However, in today's society, change can only be brought upon by being aware. So, we're looking for people like ourselves, dedicated to the issue, who love writing, storytelling, or hold the expertise of social media. You can look at our website, insipidboa... socialblog to get a good idea of our initiative.
Interested to be a part of our team? Apply here, or email us on!

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Looking forward to getting you on our team!