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Hello, Everyone!

We are Quid Flow Quo, winners of the inaugural RP Entrepreneurship Competition and finalists in many other international entrepreneurship competitions. We are excited to announce the beginning of a QFQ Mentorship Program!

About Us: We all met virtually near the end of April and despite not knowing each other, and being in different time zones and places, we created an idea and polished it into a pitch deck. We made videos, a song rendition, pulled many all-nighters, received many mentors, connected with hundreds of students, and answered many questions going through many judging sessions.

Our program will encapsulate…
1. Support via Google Meets/Zoom, personal emails, & social media channels.
2. Expanding your network with us and connecting with people worldwide and forming long-lasting & valuable relationships
- Working independently is also an option!
- We will assist you in creating a highly capable team that is compatible professionally and personally.
3. Mentorship Sessions; you can meet with your team outside our sessions
- We will also be providing one on one Mentorship Sessions on a request basis
4. We will also be offering Peer Letters of Recommendation to high achieving performers

To apply…
1. Please email a resume or student activity list, or anything similar, and why you would like to be apart of this program (recommended 100-250 words) to the following email:
2. Please make sure to connect with @Diana Rudel @Amy Zhang @Osman Moradel @Vibaa Raghunath on RoundPier!

We are looking forward to seeing the quality of applicants we receive and are super excited to get started!

Love, QFQ