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You are invited to start a chapter of Girls Educations Matter! Girls Educations Matter is a non-profit organization to raise awareness about the fact that, around the world, 130 Million girls will never step foot in a classroom and learn simple human rights like reading and writing. So, we hope to create a supportive and collaborative community for young females who are interested in learning more about STEM, humanity, college, and the experiences of successful members of the women's community.

We hope to have chapters in different countries with girls who live in or near slum or slum-like areas. Each chapter will create a Girls Book Bank. This is when they or a volunteer that is part of the chapter goes around once a week to houses with girls and exchanges books. So, they could be introduced to new books without having to pay for them. While doing this, the chapters will collect numbers of girls who are interested in participating in the Girls Audio Storytelling Project. This is a program where girls are sent educational audio stories every night via WhatsApp.
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