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"Have you ever caught yourself staring at your terminal, the words "syntax error: invalid syntax" taunting your retinas? Do you witness your peers developing entire databases as you scramble to print "hello world"? Have you always wanted to learn to code, but have never been able to get over the learning hump?

Beyond the Five might be able to help. Beyond the Five is an organization that offers free, online, self-paced courses in AP, college level, and miscellaneous (special-interest) courses. You read that correctly: these courses are completely free. While you are able to take courses in every discipline imaginable, BT5's computer science department is arguably one of the most impressive.

If you want to follow a regular high school curriculum, AP computer science courses may be of interest. In AP Computer Science A & Principles, students will learn to cultivate their understanding of code through analyzing, writing, and testing code under the close eye of their instructors.

For more advanced programmers, Beyond the Five offers a multitude of rigorous electives. You can take computer vision to learn how to use convolutional neural networks and recognize objects, Deep Learning I to understand deep neural network processes and develop your own machine learning projects, or Introduction to Cybersecurity to learn to analyze risks and fixes for technological security issues.

Safe to say, the possibilities are endless. Whether or not you're a brand new programmer, or a star head developer of a tech startup, you will find a course fit perfectly for you. Register for courses at Beyond the Five today at beyondthef... /register. The team at BT5 hopes to see you pursuing your interests through our services!

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