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Hello everyone! I am the founder of The News Left Behind, an initiative that focuses on providing a platform for global issues and topics that we do not see often or at all on the news. We want to show our generation that there are many more things going on in the world than what we see on the news most often. Some of these issues are being pushed aside and left unacknowledged despite needing that acknowledgment. This project is new and we will be launching our website this summer.

Our team is looking to create a team of high school students to help create and edit the content for The News Left Behind. Everyone who is interested has the opportunity to help others and themselves learn about these topics.

We are looking for writers and contributors. Writers will be responsible for writing articles and helping provide ideas for articles as well. If you don't have the time to be a permanent member but want to contribute an article once or every once in a while, you can be a contributor. We are also looking for editors who will be responsible for editing the content written by writers and contributors.

Link to writer/contributor application: docs.googl... sp=sf_link

Link to editor application: docs.googl... sp=sf_link