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Medicine and Web Development opportunities:

Dectrum is a medicare platform centered on building an interactive website where patients and individuals who struggle with Asperger’s Syndrome can meet with various psychological therapists. These therapists will be trained and will consist of prior experience; not only will they guide the individual through communication skills, but they will walk them through adapting to various environments. This platform will be used to train social skills and help those with Asperger’s interact with others more effectively. This includes the implementation of motor skills to help coordination as well.

If the patient is not comfortable communicating with the assortment of therapists we have set up, there will be a guided list of solutions listed on our platform that will walk each individual through dealing with Asperger’s. Not only will these solutions involve the evolution of social and motor skills, but they will help each patient communicate more effectively with the people around them on a daily basis.

If you would like to join us applications are now open

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