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Hi everyone!
I am from Codevate. Codevate is a newly founded initiative for computer science that aims to create awareness about CS by teaching kids and putting their passion for helping NPOs i.e. code for NPOs and create/edit their website. We are looking for people with the same minds to be a part of our team!
We provide volunteer hours too!

The positions available are:
1. Web Developer (Wix): You are supposed to edit the codevate's website and help in making it using Wix.
2. Tutor: You are supposed to teach kids from K-8 about computer science, technology, and programming.
3. Blog Writer: You are supposed to write blogs/articles about STEM and CS.
4. Marketer: You are supposed to connect more people with us and increase our reach.
5. Graphic Designers: You are supposed to edit the logo and make posts for our social media handles.
6. Social Media Manager: You are supposed to post and handle our social media accounts.
7. Web Developer (for NPOs): You are supposed to create/edit websites for the NPO/NGOs we partner with.

If that sounds like you, please fill the form: docs.googl... sp=sf_link
In case you have queries, email us at