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Hello everyone! I am one of the founding members of Mission EducAsian, a not for profit organization whose primary goal is to enlighten the Asian community on the numerous societal issues transpiring today.

For many of our members are from an Asian background, we have become aware that much of the Asian community is adamant and uninformed about these issues. With our mission, we are determined to incite positive change within the Asian community.

We provide resources in various types of formats for the community to use. Activists can use our online toolkit to share information and learn how to spark change within their local regions. Soon, we will also be starting a podcast and a weekly newsletter for you to learn more about social awareness in the Asian community. We hope that through our collective resources and our extensive, international community, we can spark a positive change in the lives of others.

We are seeking applicants and members for the following executive board positions and teams:

- Chief Financial Officer
- Director of Outreach
- Director of Content
- Director of Marketing and Design
- Director of Logistics
- Podcast Coordinators

- Public Relations Team
- Marketing/Design Team
- Writing Team
- Podcast Team

We are accepting applications from all over the world! All members should be passionate about our mission, and must fulfill the requirements and contributions that are expected from their position.

Application: docs.googl... A/viewform

Please email us at for any questions or concerns! To apply for a position and see what these positions entail, all information is located in our Linktree: neducasian