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About WiCode: WiCode is a newly-launched student-run organization that strives to bridge the gender and economical gap in STEM by creating opportunities such as hackathons, workshops, and accessible study material about tech.

Positions available:
1. Wix Designer:
-Should be familiar with Wix and basic code such as HTML or CSS.
-Can work with a deadline and reply within 24 hours.

2. Marketer:
-Should be able to come up with various strategies to recruit new members and expand the reach.
-Have some experience with social media marketing
-Help the organization to partner with other organizations.

3.CS curriculum developer:
-Be interested in STEM and create study material for beginners in CS.
-Have the basic knowledge of coding languages and scratch.

-Be fluent in English (spoken/written)
-Able to write about STEM-related topics.

5. Expansion Manager
-Help us expand and start chapter leads in various cities.
-Help us recruit members.
-Help us partner with other organizations.

6. Workshop Manager
-Help us set up workshops
-Select and contact various people to host a workshop.

Applications will be close on 30th Aug 2020. Email us at in case of any concerns.

To apply: docs.googl... sp=sf_link