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Hi guys! I am interested in science but would also like to do some more commercial research rather than pure academic. Are there any opportunities in start ups or large companies where I can do some basic research and also learn about business side of things?

11 months ago
Hey Jackie,

Interesting question, personally interested with this. I might not give you the detailed answer but I think that depending on your field (chemistry, physics, etc.), you can go to companies to work for. For example, for chemistry and business, you can choose to go for pharmaceuticals, even finance (consulting is mostly about research). Your question is kind of broad since start-ups might or might not require particular research in science, depending on the type of start-ups (if it's something related to science or technology, then my best guess is just there would be research component (at least to learn about your competitors) but depending on the extend of its dependence on scientific innovation and stuff, the degree of research would differ a lot.
This is just my view. Happy to hear others thoughts.
11 months ago
There are a few opportunities we posted here like Draper internships or Monell summer program where research is more industry related. But overall agree with the comment above going after certain large companies makes sense as they do plenty of research which they use for commercial purposes. Approaching smaller companies is also great as they may need more help and generally can’t pay too much so more chances for high school students to get some industry exposure.