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I'm quite impressed with the students' start-ups and NGOs I see here on RoundPier. But I can't still understand how students in such early ages start and manage their own companies. How do they come up with their ideas? (what are they triggers) Do they get support from their parents/ relatives or do they start on their own? How could they possibly get funding and other necessary requirements for their own companies? etc.

I believe there are a lot students especially in this group interested in the same questions. Can I kindly request from students who've started their own start-ups/NGO share their comments on the questions posted above? I believe it'd be very inspirational to all of us to see real success stories.

Thanks in advance.
11 months ago
Hello Sohbet! This year I have finished high school and during the last 3 years of it I have co-founded a startup and an association. I think you came up with the ideas because I saw a problem or something that bothered me and I wanted to solve it. I always get the support from my parents. To get funding for the startup we applied to a contest to go to Silicon Valley to create it and they would fund it. And with the association we put our own money right now, but we are starting to find some partnerships with other assciations/companies/town hall. I hope my experience helped you. If you want to know anything else just ask:)
11 months ago
I think there was a good post below about this. There are some "real" businesses started in HS but very often you see a project or an idea which never becomes a business due to some of the reasons you mention above. And yes a lot of time parents help is the key